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How to avoid back pain, and what to do if your back already hurts? Why are those who have a backache so much? Are you surprised that your back hurts? Are you having tight hip flexor painAnd why is it not surprising that most people regularly brush their teeth and take a shower, but how to take care of their muscles do not even think about it? And what they do not care about, first of all, fails. This is especially true of the muscles that support and protect the spine from injuries and deformities. These muscles protect our "core of life" to the last, protect our back from pain. The extreme degree of this protection is a persistent spasm due to continuous overvoltage. Unfortunately, few people know that almost half of the overload can be avoided.


How to save your spine from back pain?



First of all, from back pain, it is necessary to rationally organize all your workplaces not only at work but also at home. The working chair in front of the table should have a sufficiently rigid seat and a straight back. You need to sit on it exactly, keeping your back straight, not slouching your shoulders and not bending your head down. The height of the table is chosen so that the hands lying on it are bent at the elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. If you wear glasses, they should not force you to lean over the table or, conversely, throw your head back. That is, the pose in no case should not be forced - it will protect your back from pain.



But no less burden experienced by women and at home. How to make them safer?


First, about what you can not do if you do not want to get back pain. First of all - wash in the bath when you bend over it in three deaths. If it is necessary to wash something by hand, the basin should not be below the level of the elbows. The second prohibition concerns the washing of floors "in the pose of a crab" - bent over, on bent legs. Wash the floor should only mop, and with a fairly long handle. The same applies to the articulated pipes of the vacuum cleaner. Their length should allow you not to bend down when cleaning. When it is required to bring cleanliness, for example, under an ottoman, feel free to kneel. All these recommendations will help avoid back pain.


Are there any special rules of movement in the kitchen?



The requirement “under the elbow” also applies here. It applies to the ironing board, and the table top of the cutting table, and the stove, and to the sink. This height allows you to not bend over when ironing linen, cooking and washing dishes.


Even well-organized work is tiring after all. What is the best way to deal with fatigue and back pain?


It is reasonable to give yourself a little rest when fatigue and pain in the back have not yet manifested itself in full force. If fatigue is caused by long-standing or sitting, then rest is, first of all, a change in posture. The task is to relax the muscles. For this, it is good to lie down, raising your legs. And if this is not possible, quietly walk five or six minutes. But rest is needed not only "emergency". Muscles should receive their share of care and not in the midst of domestic fuss. The best way to maintain muscle well-being is a long, leisurely walk. Two two-hour walks a week, better outside the city, are sufficient “nourishment” for normal muscle tone.